Monday, July 9, 2007

Joe Viglione's Guide to New England Music

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Table of Contents


This information is part of my "life's work", the chronicling of the Boston Rock & Roll Scene and its surrounding communities. Between the video taped for my TV shows VISUAL RADIO and
TV EYE as well as the audio from a variety of radio shows I hosted and/or produced to the incredible tape archive I've built over the decades, these writings will come to life in audio and visual, a unique history of the scene from one of its documentarians.

2)Ka-Ding Dong - The first days of Boston Rock & Roll
1950s, early 1960s

3)The Sixties - The Bosstown Sound - Orpheus, Listening, Willie Loco, Ultimate Spiniach
The Prince & The Paupers, Barry & The Remains

4) Hallucinations, J.Geils, Modern Lovers, Aerosmith
The sixties to early seventies...

5)J Geils Band
tons of J GEILS Biographies and reviews to posted here:

6)The Early Seventies

1)The Quill 2)The Sidewinders 3)Fat 4)Milkwood (early Cars), 5)Swallow, 6)Duke & The Drivers 7)James Montgomery 8)Stormin' Norman & Suzy 9)P.J. Colt

7)Andy Pratt
Tons of Andy Pratt reviews on AMG will show up here soon.

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When J Geils & Andy Pratt played together

8)Willie "Loco" Alexander

9)The New Wave - Willie Alexander re-emerges, Reddy Teddy, Fox Pass,
Aastral Projection

10)Into the 1980s

11)Peter Calo, Carly Simon, Pamela Ruby Russell

12)Boston Compilations and more - Live at the Rat, Live at Studio B
Farrenheit, Joe Perry Project, Cowsills, Real Kids, The Outlets

13)More Eighties

Face To Face, The Rings, Jonzun Crew, Robin Lane, Didi Stewart. Rick Berlin, Rubber Rodeo, Mass, Treat Her Right

14)Boston Music Showcase - Harvey Wharfield and the best local music show on radio
The 1990s

15)The 1990s with Grateful Ted of SMUGGLER and more...

16)The New Millennium

17)The Ongoing Process